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You are all invited to 2015 Subud Indonesia National Congress

Greetings from Subud Indonesia! Subud Indonesia is going to have the XXVII National Congress on February 20-22, 2015. The venue will be at Marbella Hotel, Convention & Spa, Anyer, West Java, a five-star resort hotel in west coast of Java Island.

The committee plans that this Congress is going to be the biggest National Congress in Indonesia because it will be attended by more than 600 members of Subud Indonesia. We do hope that all of us can experience how we can be together in harmony.

Most of the agenda will be Kejiwaan activity, such as daily latihan every morning and night, gathering, and Ibu Rahayu is planning to give testing and talk to members. There is also culture performance from Subud Indonesia members, photos exhibition or bazar. Otherwise, you could enjoy and relax in the coast.

For more info, please contact us at sekretariat[at]subud.or.id
May we able to receive Almighty God’s blessing and guidance to make this good will to reality.

With love, Subud Indonesia


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