What is Subud?

SUBUD is an abbreviation of the words Susila, Budhi and Dharma.Subud is not a new religion nor a sect of any religion; nor is it a teaching. It is only a symbol for the possibility for mankind to follow the right way of living

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Pertemuan Pengurus Nasional dengan WSA dan IH
Pada hari Kamis, 26 Februari 2015, di Wisma Subud #29 diadakan pertemuan antara tim WSA, IH ...
Membangun Kebersamaan dalam Kongres Nasional PPK SUBUD Indonesia ke XXVII
Tema Kongres Nasional PPK SUBUD Indonesia ke XXVII adalah membangun kebersamaan dengan saling ...
You are all invited to 2015 Subud Indonesia National Congress
Greetings from Subud Indonesia! Subud Indonesia is going to have the XXVII National Congress on ...