Around The World-1971-4th Subud World Congress in Jakarta

These are the images captured from Bapak Muhammad Subud travel around the world sharing Subud from 1967-1983. Through these travelling Subud are present in 87 countries around the world. These images are captured in 1971 during 4th Subud World Congress in Wisma Subud, Cilandak, Jakarta, Indonesia. The 4th Subud World Congress was opened by Indonesia’s President, Soeharto.

In 1971, not many hotels or inns were available near Wisma Subud Cilandak. Large bamboo houses were built as living quarters for hundreds of Subud members from around the world, who stayed for two weeks and many of important decision regarding Subud as an organization that are still here today, were took and decided during this time.


Subud Germany National Archives



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